Saving The Rainforest - One Cup At a Time

Saving The Rainforest - One Cup At a Time


As part of our initiative to save the Rainforests, we donate 2$ for every bag of Colombian coffee we sell to The Rainforest Trust


Rainforest Trust is a non-profit environmental group established in the United States that focuses on the acquisition and conservation of tropical areas in order to strategically save vulnerable species. Through collaborations, community participation, and donor assistance, Rainforest Trust rescues endangered animals and safeguards our world by developing rainforest reserves.


Our mission is to donate each of these dollars we make from our Colombia Coffee blend to help the rainforest in South America and to make a difference for our planet’s tropical biodiversity. We are committed to helping create a better ecosystem.


Speaking of the Colombian coffee blend; Colombian coffee is known across the world for having a high quality and wonderful flavor. Together with a few other countries, Colombian coffee is often considered to be among the best in the world.


Our Colombian roast coffee offers plenty of health benefits as well. Below are some of those essential benefits you can derive from the best Colombian coffee:


  • Good Source of Protein


Colombian coffee beans are said to be a good source of protein for everyday intake. This is especially beneficial to people who are striving to gain muscular mass. Because the compounds in this hot beverage can hasten your metabolism, sipping a hug in a cup can also help you lose weight. The health advantages of the antioxidants present in Colombian coffee and the protein it offers are felt by the entire body. 


  • Polyphenols’ Action


The polyphenols in Colombian coffee are abundant. They're powerful antioxidants that can aid in the elimination of free radicals in your body. Chlorogenic acid is one of the most prevalent compounds in this diet. This compound protects cardiac function in addition to being a powerful antioxidant. It also lowers blood glucose and cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of diabetes and maintaining the health of blood vessels.


Polyphenols work on a biological level to prevent cancer-causing mutations. Colombian coffee has a variety of other health advantages, including higher energy, enhanced blood circulation, lower stress, and better sleep.


  • Filled with antioxidants


Colombian coffee also has a high level of antioxidants, which is one of its many advantages. Free radicals can accumulate in your body in the long run, and oxidation is the only method to get rid of them. It takes place at the cellular level and helps to maintain your body.


However, if your cells are unable to relieve themselves of free radicals and other toxic particles, they will become trapped and unable to operate properly. This can result in you getting ill. Antioxidants are useful in this case since they help to accelerate the regeneration and maintenance of your cells.


Colombian coffee's antioxidant capabilities have been shown to be particularly beneficial in the battle against cancer cells. As a result, this hot potion is a better option than most alternative treatments, which have been actively promoted and widely used.

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